Do you undertake work of all sizes?

We provide tiling services to both Domestic and commercial customers alike - tiling bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces alongside larger projects for colleges and gyms in Cambridge.

What areas do you cover?

MD Tiling covers all areas in Cambridgeshire, but can be persuaded to go further afield for customers,

Are you insured?

Yes MD Tiling has comprehensive public liability insurance cover up to £1,000,000.

Do you provide estimates?

Yes all estimates will be provided in writing covering both materials and labour.

Is your work guaranteed?

All work is completed to British Standards requirements and all customers are provided with an invoice that acts as guarantee for work that has been completed.

Do i need to do anything before you arrive?

You do not need to worry about anything. All preparation before tiling will be undertaken by ourselves, we can suggest reliable workmen if other trades are required.

Tiling Advice

When should a tanking system be used?

When constructing a wet room, tanking is essential to ensure waterproofing. It is also a good idea to tank intermittent wet areas such as showers and around baths, this will prevent damage to the substrate and avoid possible problems in the future.

Can you tile on top of old tiles?

Our first advice would be to remove the old tiles and repair/replace the original substrate, if this is not possible then we can tile on top of old tiles and this requires only slightly more preparation than usual.

Is it possible to tile on to wooden floors?

Under certain circumstances, timber floors can be tiled straight on, but if there is too much deflection (vertical and lateral movement) then the sub floor will need to be over boarded with hardiebacker cement board before tiling.




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